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Imagine Membrane | Azores 26-31 March

The water, energy and food nexus aims at understanding the interdependencies across these three sectors: any decision taken in one of them will invariably affect the others. Together with the sectors of health and sustainable production, this nexus is therefore the basis for planning our future development globally and securing our resources and well-being for the next generations.

Membranes will play a key role in this endeavour.

ImagineMembrane aims to be a platform for discussing actual and future challenges in membrane science and technology, and particularly the role of membrane materials and technology within the context of the water-energy-food nexus. For this purpose, ImagineMembrane will take place in an environment that fosters exchange and with ample time to do so. A strong emphasis of ImagineMembrane is on the next-generation membrane researchers which are strongly encouraged to participate in this conference.

The conference is supported by both the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) and the EUROPEAN MEMBRANE SOCIETY(EMS), and we therefore chose symbolically a location in between both: the Azores Islands.